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India is the world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies. As multinationals across the world shift their focus and approach to India, it is important that the country’s tax and regulatory policies are well understood for optimizing growth and success opportunities. The Indian home grown business houses interested in or aiming to set-up a shop abroad or list on the overseas houses, needs to understand and stride through an interplay of cross border taxes and regulations for converging on an suitable approach

Industry focus is fundamental to our approach and encompasses sectors of financial services, information, communication and entertainment, consumer markets, industrial markets, and infrastructure and government. 

We are well positioned to serve as a single-point source for providing international tax advice and approaches. A modern information technology backbone and an up-to-date knowledge management system helps our professionals to keep abreast of the latest international developments. This equips us to pro-actively identify issues, suggest planning, and co-ordinate specializations across jurisdictions for discharging global tax assignments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We help you in the following:

  • Develop transfer pricing documentation and defence files, coordinated across all your territories and harmonised with Indian Customs regulations
  • Transform the value chain to achieve sustainable financial and operational benefits, supply chain efficiencies and align operational, tax and legal structures
  • Develop better understanding of your transfer pricing risks, and implement consistent and defensible practices when controversies do arise
  • Develop strategies at both the global as well as local levels and guide you through the process of requesting APAs to help ensure successful outcomes
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